The Illusion of Separateness

Albert Einstein knew everything was One. The new science of the ‘Quantum’ led him inextricably to that conclusion – though for many years it did not sit comfortably with him. Like many of his generation – and most since then, he had been schooled in the Newtonian and Cartesian paradigm of ‘atomism’ – the underlying separateness […]

Accepting and Loving Ourselves – the Key to True Well-being

I truly believe that everything in our lives is directly affected by how much we accept and love ourselves.  In my experience, women are particularly hard on themselves and find it difficult to accept themselves as they are. Research shows that people who criticize and judge themselves tend to criticize and judge others as well. […]

Basics for weight loss!

If you want to lose weight, it’s helpful to know some simple principles rather than getting lost in the confusing and often contradictory information available on the Internet. I hope I can shed some light on the principles of weight loss with these basic tips: Basics for weight loss: Avoid hunger: Being hungry at meal […]