Other Ayurvedic Treatments

Kati Basti - Ayurvedic TreatmentsKati Basti

A circular dough mould made of black gram flour & water is placed on the afflicted area and filled with special medicated herbal oil. In general this is black sesame oil fortified with a special blend of between 30-50 herbs.

During this highly effective treatment, the herbal oil penetrates deep into the treated area, helping to regenerate bone tissue, muscles, tendons and ligaments. It can be used to treat any part of the back, neck, shoulder area, plus hips and the back of the knee. It is very beneficial for sciatica, arthritis, frozen shoulders and other similar musculo-skeletal problems.

Netra Basti - Ayurvedic TreatmentsNetra Basti

Netra Basti is a method of keeping herbal oil or ghee over the eye in a small artificially created tank, with the help of special pastes. The treatment is continued for 5-10 minutes.

It relieves tension and fatigue from the eyes. It can help to remove redness from the eyes, brings rich luster to the eyes, smoothes out wrinkles, and gives a feeling of contentment.  Netra Basti can help to strengthen the internal and external muscles of the eyes.

This treatment starts with a short face massage, which helps you to relax and ground yourself. Then we place a doughnut made from dough around each eye and pour warm ghee until the whole eye is covered. After the treatment, the eyes need to rest, so please schedule accordingly.

Altogether it takes about 40 minutes including a facial and neck massage and is a very relaxing treatment.

Nasya - Ayurvedic TreatmentNasya

Administration of medicated oil into the nasal passages to reduce sinus congestion, improve breathing, help in the management of asthma and enhance mental clarity.