EFT Instructions

Emotional Freedom Technique instructions – “Freedom is at your fingertips”

1) On a scale of zero to ten, where ‘zero’ is no intensity and ‘ten’ is high intensity, note your starting intensity around the issue you wish to tap on.

2) While tapping on the karate chop point (or heart/sore point), say the following three times, stating your emotional and/or physical pain/discomfort (and where you are feeling it in your body) as specifically as possible. This is known as the “Set-Up Statement”:

“Even though I feel this _______________, in my ___________, I deeply and completely love, accept, and forgive myself.”

3) Tap on each of the points below in sequence, approximately 5-7 times each, stating your pain/discomfort. This is know as the “Reminder Phrase”:

“This _______________”.

– Top of head
– Eyebrow
– Side of eye
– Under eye
– Under nose
– Chin
– Collarbone
– Under arm
– Back to top of head.

4) Take a deep, clearing breath and relax for a few seconds.

5) Note your ending intensity (0-10). If above a “2,” repeat the steps above.

You can also make the following changes for any subsequent tapping round:

a) Make the statement more specific; what is the best way to describe what you are now feeling – you may find that you now feel the discomfort somewhere else in the body – or the nature of the emotion may have changed, eg. from shame to guilt, or from depression to anger?

b) Or, you can modify the Set-up Statement in step (2) above to:“Even though I still have some of this _______________, in my _____________,
I deeply and completely accept myself.”

The Reminder Phrase then becomes:
“This remaining _______________.”