Journey to well-being! Day one!

We are starting our journey to well-being today. How exciting!!!

We will start with simple doable steps and will keep it easy. Read on to find out more and to find a link to a video that will tell you more about this weeks food, diet and an important huge question to ask yourself.

In week one I would like you to focus on eating more vegetables. I know this sounds simple and easy but often we don’t eat enough vegetables especially when we are busy. It is easier to snack on a packet of crackers ( of course you can have them too) and other foods often taste better for different reasons e.g. have flavor enhancers added etc. But we can also love eating our veggies and discover liking them.

There is nothing more valuable than eating your fruit and veggies that give you all the nutrients, fiber and antioxidants that your body needs to feel great and full of energy. You can look at these nutrients as building blocks (like Lego blocks) that your body needs to function properly, to build its cells, enzymes, hormones and more. It’s recommended to eat at least five servings per day. Just have a little think… Do you eat five servings per day right now?

And the second thing is and this is hugely important: WHAT IS YOUR WHY? We will find it easier to stick with this journey and to really put in the ‘work’ if we know our ‘WHY’. What is your why? Why would you like to start this journey to well-being and feel better? I’m talking about something with an emotional reason behind it. Would you like to feel better for your children or grandchildren so you can spend more time with them? Would you like to grow old healthy and have a great quality of life even in your years to come? I would like to tell you more about veggies and my WHY in this video here below?

Hear more about it in today’s video. Here is a link to today’s video.

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Best wishes,
Be well,

P.S. Click here to see the video if you haven’t seen it yet.