Testimonials for Kieron

When I first went to see Kieron I was run down and suffered from extreme stress.  From my very first session of T3 (Transformational Touch Technique) I could feel changes and a sense of happiness I hadn’t felt in a long time.  I found Kieron’s T3 to be a profound yet a gentle way to clear blockages.  I felt that I dealt with issues without even having to look at them first! Kieron has certainly helped me to accelerate my personal development, and I would highly recommend him to anyone. – Michelle White – Nelson

I came to Kieron with a background of years of crippling self-doubt and lack of faith in myself and in my abilities. Overall those years, I now realize how much I have held myself back from any feelings of self-worth because of unresolved emotional issues.  My experience of EFT with Kieron has opened up the ‘real me’- a woman with strong personal belief, a positive attitude of success, and with the confidence to acknowledge my own achievements. I feel free again.
Within a month of working with Kieron, I have experienced great achievements, both personally and in a business sense, spoken confidently (and even with enjoyment!) at three public meetings and also watched my fledgling business leap forward in new bookings by 55%. On a personal level, I feel calm, centered and above all loved again.
Kieron is a wonderful therapist, coach and mentor and I recommend him very highly. – Viv Smith – Queenstown

Kieron and Jamila from Turning Point Clinic and Coaching are a truly wonderful team, who provide a unique, holistic business and life coaching service.
Working with Kieron not only transformed my business but also had a profound impact on my quality of life. While leading me on the road to business success, Kieron really made me re-evaluate my priorities in life and helped me understand a great deal more about myself and about what was holding me back. With his help, I was able to let go of my mental constraints and he opened my eyes to a happier and more fulfilled way of life.
All the while Jamila’s wonderful massages helped me relax and ease the strain of constantly carrying around a one-year-old.
Both Kieron and Jamila radiate immense kindness, love, and compassion, and are amongst the most pleasant and inspiring people I have ever come across. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Helena Merschdorf – Nelson

T3 is Kieron’s own application and it was effective for me.  I’ve asked Kieron if I could write a short testimonial.
After three years of suffering what this world sometimes brings (rejection, failure, abandonment), I’ve found that in his work space, there’s trust and clarity and answers.  Immediately, I knew I was in the presence of a caring being who wanted to help more than anything.
Kieron addresses specific blocks and made pathways for me to see beyond the negative into the ‘workable’ with peace and comfort.  It has been three months since my last visit and I’m still reaping the benefits.  If you’re stuck, go to Kieron.  He’s That Good.  You don’t have to understand it.  Just sit back, let him address what he sees and be open for real changes. The falling-away of negativity is marvelous.  Negativity holds back potential and he’s certainly helped me become more clear and positive.  A great investment for life! – K.M. – Nelson 

I’d been on my own personal healing journey for quite a while before I met Kieron. I had experienced many different therapies, some of which I actually trained in myself, but somehow things still weren’t quite clicking into place for me.  Kieron for me was the missing link, the missing piece to the puzzle. His sessions with me were very direct – getting to the heart of the issue very quickly; and then gently and lovingly helping me to heal the underlying issues.
I’ve experienced many things in my life so far, but I can safely say that the feeling of clarity, understanding and the healing that I gained from my sessions with Kieron has been one of the biggest life changing experiences in my life. Changes that have stayed with me and have helped me to experience the world in a whole new way.
I very highly recommend Kieron to anyone who needs a little guidance on their life’s journey. His work is gentle, caring and of the highest integrity. –Anne-Marie Richards – United Kingdom

Kieron is amazing!  His wisdom, knowledge, instinct and passion for what he does just blows me away.  His ability to bring the very best out of you, to be all that you can be, in a compassionate, sincere and professional way is a gift.  If you are wanting a healer, therapist, life coach that works from his heart, then Kieron is it.   I feel so blessed that our paths crossed, thank you universe so much and thank you my friend Kieron from the bottom of my  heart for all that you have done for me and my being. – Sandy Smalley – Nelson

In just over 6 weeks, Kieron has helped me identify my visions for the future of my business and also how to achieve that vision whilst keeping both my sanity and my life.  I am now completely clear on what needs to be done and have the necessary tools to move forward. – Sean Doggett, Computer Troubleshooters – Nelson

Kieron, I love your coaching/healing heart for mankind, Love seeing your perspectives here. The big benefit for me was how you helped me hear my heart. Thanks for what you do, Kieron! – Karla UlsakerUSA

When I first saw Kieron, i was suffering from nearly all day panic attacks that were debilitating and traumatic.  Within a few sessions I underwent a profound transformation and soon ceased to have panic attacks at all. Since that time, he’s also helped me deal with the effects of childhood trauma which were creating a profound unhappiness in my life.
The level of happiness, understanding, joy, and even professional success that i have experienced since working with this wonderful man has increased a hundredfold!   I have tried  all sorts of therapies over the years, with little or no success,  I count the stunning combination of Kieron’s empathic intelligence and the power of EFT for saving my life, literally! – H. R. – Nelson

Kieron has exceptional talents.  By working with Kieron I unlocked so many blocks (some of which I had no idea were there) that a year on, I am living my dream of establishing and running an international charity. I would strongly recommend Kieron to anyone who wants to unleash their full potential. – Fionna Heiton, Director, First Steps Himalaya

All I will say is where was Kieron 5 years ago??!!  Since working with Kieron I have achieved, and in most cases exceeded, all of the goals and targets I have set both personally and commercially.
When faced with what seems to be the most difficult challenges, Kieron adds clarity and gives me the tools to solve the challenges with ease.  If you are genuinely serious about your own personal growth I strongly recommend spending time with Kieron.  He is a true master in the field of personal development!! – Anthony Martin, Managing Director , ProBrands International

Kieron has had a very real impact on my life.  While he was Head of Corporate Marketing at the BNZ he supported, encouraged and cared about not just my work, but me as a person.  Out of this initial connection over a decade ago has grown a relationship which has survived dramatic changes in both our lives – and once again Kieron has been there, taking an interest, supporting and caring.  His knowledge, creative approach, and above all, his understanding of people, is what sets him apart from others.
There has been no other person in my life quite like Kieron.  I still feel his influence on my life now – and we are working on opposite sides of the world!  His generosity of spirit is something I treasure. – Clare M Dorking, International Business Academy – Denmark

Kieron has turned my life around by turning my thinking around. I was stuck and he freed me. He is fantastic to work with and has definitely made a difference to my life and it’s future. – B.C. – Wellington

Going to Kieron is like getting the best out of your Being (and potential)  – like a car is being fine tuned.  He has a gift getting to the core in a matter of minutes and resolving it forever.  Thanks ……now I am flying! – Philip  van der Waal, Penguino Ice Cream Cafe – Nelson

Kieron is fantastic!  He is what I call the baseline polo player.  He turns up, scores the goals and wins the game.  Kieron has worked with me on a personal level.  I wanted to have a shift in my lifestyle and realised that I needed help to do it.  I am so lucky to have found Kieron – the work he does is amazing!  I now know how it feels to have control over my own life. – Phil Lash, Chocolate Velvet – Nelson

Kieron is no ordinary trainer or coach.  He is exceptional, and the Haven Realty team in Richmond endorses my sentiments. I believe that any organisation trying to develop their employees into a cohesive unit cannot afford not to introduce Kieron into their system.  They certainly will be the winners. – Kevin Cross, Principal, Haven Realty – Richmond

Kieron, you are an amazing teacher, healer and a beautiful soul! A heartfelt thank you for always showing up… and for sharing your knowledge, experience, energy work, and gifts with the world… I am really looking forward to reading your first book and visiting your workshop! – Nicole Wetzel – Richmond

Kieron Goodwin, coach, mentor, friend – no higher praise could I lavish on someone who has helped me evolve both personally and professionally, which in turn has resulted in greater success and growth for my business.  Turning Point is aptly named and I encourage anyone who wants a strategic catalyst for personal and professional success to avail of Kieron’s wisdom, support and commitment to helping you move from good to great! – Siobhan Hanley, Splash Associates – Wellington

Turning Point helped us to define our Path toward success. Broken down into sizable chunks that look achievable. We also use Kieron to help us with bumps in the road and independent opinion. We have made great leaps forward and increased opportunities. – Chris Butler, Managing Director, The Marketing Studio – Nelson

I have used Kieron as a Mentor and Personal Development Coach, and would highly recommend him to anyone from any walk of life, be it business or personal goals you want, or think you want to achieve. Kieron helped me focus and understand what I really wanted, needed and give me a direction and understanding in my business and personal life.
What initially interested me was Kieron’s balanced background from the corporate business world right down to the energy and focus to create and abundant life.  My investment in myself will be returned ten fold from business ventures to the high’s and low of every day life and it’s challenges.  I now have a new found passion in life thanks to Kieron’s help. – Mitchell Wilson, Mike Pero – Nelson