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Hot Oil Massage

Hot oil massage is always part of an Ayurvedic Massage and can be used for any other type of massage. It is an excellent way to promote relaxation and soothe muscle fatigue while opening the pores and softening the skin. Usually cold-pressed unrefined sesame oil is used or Ayurvedic herbal oils. Adding hot oil to any proper massage technique can add to the experience. Using hot oil in a massage brings much more than just physical and mental relaxation, though these alone are great reasons to utilize this type of therapy.

Many other benefits can be experienced such as:
– Increased blood flow/circulation
– Relief from sore and stiff muscles
– Skin complexion improvement
– Enhanced joint flexibility and mobility
– Improved sleep
– Help to reduce blood pressure
– Relief from arthritic pain and symptoms

Many physically active people will take advantage of the healing benefits of hot oil massage. While this is great and well recommended, others are finding that they can incorporate this type of massage into their routine as a support for increased health and overall well being.

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