T3, Quantum healing & energy therapy in Nelson, Richmond, NZ

Transformational Touch Technique

T3 - Quantum healing & energy therapy in Nelson & Richmond, NZ

Transformational Touch Technique (T3) has been developed by Kieron Goodwin as a unique, highly effective, stand-alone modality. It is a powerful blend of hands-on Osteo-Energetic Bodywork and various integrated Quantum Healing technologies Kieron has studied and practiced over the years.  T3  has been greatly influenced by the work of Dr Fritz Smith (Zero Balancing);  Hale Dwoskin (The Sedona Method);  Robert Scheinfeld (The ‘Busting Loose’ Transformative Model); and Dr Richard Bartlett (Matrix Energetics).

Underpinning T3 is the understanding that there is nothing any of us need to become or fix – we are already infinite consciousness, well-being, power and potential.  There is only that which would be helpful for us to let go of – and that is anything that causes us to perceive ourselves as limited, lacking, or ‘less than’ in any way.

Through a specific combination of touch, body dynamics, verbal cues and simple visualisations, Kieron is able to facilitate a deeply held state of well-being, harmony and balance that allows the client to simply and easily release anything from the body/mind matrix that no longer serves their highest purpose.

All judgement of what should or shouldn’t be is suspended, and in a space of complete acceptance and stillness, the opportunity is created for the client to let go of  emotional and/or physical unease or pain, returning to a place of well-being, body unity and balance.  In this way problems may be resolved and symptoms relieved in a way that is often experienced as truly transformational.

T3 is a powerful, integrated process that has helped many people release deeply held traumas, self limiting beliefs, behaviours, and/or physical pain – permanently and easily.