HCG Natural Weight Loss Programme

Weight Management

The health implications of being obese or overweight are well documented in countless medical journals and scientific reports.

There is no doubt now that weight loss is one of the most important steps we can take towards creating optimal health in our lives.

Most people believe that losing weight takes a lot of sweat and discipline, but losing weight is 80 percent about the foods we eat and only 20 percent about the exercise. Exercise is still important, but the food we eat, and when and what we eat, is even more important.

If you have tried to lose weight and found it didn’t work for you, then it may be because your body is not functioning at its optimal best. In this case, it may need some additional help.

There are many different ways of attempting to lose weight. One way is the Shake It program but there are other ways too. Whatever method you choose, it can be difficult to do it alone without any support.

If you would benefit from some guidance and support please contact Jamila. She has had many years of experience in helping her clients lose weight, and she can help you too.

Jamila believes in a natural and healthy approach to weight loss.  Her goal is to support you through helping you find your own inner strength so that you can take more control of your life and become the healthy, happy, and balanced person you were born to be.

Read customer testimonials here. You don’t have to live in Nelson to lose weight with Jamila. Jamila has clients all over New Zealand that work with her via the phone, emails and/or skype. Contact Jamila for more information on Weight Loss.