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Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching helps you improve performance and achieve exceptional results in your life, career, or business. Whether you’re looking for personal or professional growth, coaching gives you the clarity and support you need to succeed.

Massage Therapy

Massage is more than just relaxing me-time. It’s an opportunity to lower your stress levels and enjoy the many physical and emotional benefits it brings. Explore the massage therapy options we offer at our Richmond clinic.


Yoga includes physical exercises, breathing practices, and relaxation. The postures and exercises are tailored to your individual needs and can be simplified for beginners. Whether you’re experienced at yoga or just want to stretch and relax, our classes are for you.


Mindfulness is a way of experiencing the present moment with greater awareness. It helps us cultivate patience and acceptance towards our internal and external experiences. We offer an online course and in-person mindfulness training and retreats.

Jamila Knopp & Kieron Goodwin

Turning Point Clinic & Coaching

We formed Turning Point Clinic & Coaching in 2005 to help our clients improve their quality of life through enhanced life choices and self-care practices.
With a background in Ayurveda and teaching Yoga (Jamila) and Personal & Professional Development (Kieron), we provide a range of services to support you on your journey to health, wellbeing, and success.
Enjoy browsing our site and if you require any further information – please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For things to change, first I must change

How We Work

We bring a holistic approach to our work. And we recognise that there are many factors contributing to your current life situation. Before you can move on, these need to be explored, embraced, and integrated.
Real transformative change happens one step at a time. And that means taking a considered, measured, yet enthusiastic approach to creating the life you most want to live.
Our goal is to support you in finding your inner strength and take more control of your life. This will help you become happier, healthier, and more balanced.
Yoga on the deck at Kimi Ora Retreat, Kaiteretere

Mindfulness & Yoga Retreat

Life can be busy and it can pass us by without us taking a break or looking after ourselves. This is why we created special wellness retreats where you can take this well-deserved time out. Time out to relax and de-stress. This rejuvenating weekend retreat is an ideal way for you to re-balance and restore. 

Join us in the beautiful natural coastal setting of New Zealand. Discover yourself and the unique beauty of New Zealand in these amazing retreats.

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