Personal Development

Personal coaching provides you with clarity, purpose, and meaning

My personal development coaching and mentoring helps you connect with your greater potential to create the life you most want to live​

Kieron Goodwin - Turning Point Clinic & Coaching Nelson & Richmond

The Value of Personal Coaching

Personal coaching provides clarity about what holds purpose and meaning for you by…

  • Setting goals and objectives in alignment with clarity of purpose and creating powerful strategies for achieving them
  • Identifying self-limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviours, and replacing them with empowering beliefs and choices
  • Providing tools, techniques, and processes that make a difference
  • Offering ongoing support, guidance, encouragement, and accountability over time to help ensure successful outcomes
  • Adapting to changing circumstances and conditions, and helping you optimise these as new opportunities for growth, development, and success in life

Our perception becomes our destiny

What We Believe We Receive

There is nothing more powerful than what we say to ourselves and believe.  Our beliefs, and the associated thoughts from which they are constructed, literally decide our choices and actions.

Unfortunately, most of us have acquired a number of self-limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs that keep us from accessing our true potential.

Identifying and releasing these beliefs is critical to our ongoing success, happiness and well-being.

This is a key component of my coaching method, and one that has supported many clients in bringing about positive, lasting, healing changes in their lives.

What My Clients Say

Are you ready to make a change?

Do you need help to access the self belief, enthusiasm and passion you need to consistently make empowered choices so that you can be, do or have the things in life and business you most desire?