Mindfulness Courses & Workshops

Explore mindfulness to help you manage stress, feel calmer, and more balanced

Introduction to Mindfulness Course

A 4 -week introductory mindfulness course to learn techniques to help you live a more balanced & peaceful life.

A Day of Mindfulness Workshop

An opportunity to pause and to bring mindful attention to your life and to switch from ‘doing’ into ‘being’.

Deepening Mindfulness - Level 2 Course

Dive deeper into mindfulness to deepen your regular practice. Connect with yourself on a deeper level.

Introduction to Mindfulness Course

Do You Long for a Happier Life?

Regular practice of Mindfulness may help you to manage stress, stop constantly battling your mind, feel more balanced and calm.

Take part in a 4 -week introductory mindfulness course and learn techniques, you can use immediately, that may help you live a more balanced and peaceful life.

Learn how to manage stress and focus on the important things in your life.

Mindfulness is for everyone – even you!

Course Details

We have no further mindfulness group courses scheduled.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a one-on-one session or courses. 

What Participants Say

Thank you so much Jamila, for the wonderful mindfulness course, for the continuous support and for sharing so many great resources with us! I really appreciate how genuine you are in everything you do, I can just feel that everything you do comes from the heart and that you do it out of a true sense of wanting to help others regardless of whether you're giving a massage or teaching mindfulness and it makes me feel so safe and comfortable. I feel like I’ve already come a long way and I’m enjoying the journey and you've played a big part in that. Thank you!

A Day of Mindfulness Workshop

Explore Mindfulness

A day to de-stress, recharge and relax!

We spend a lot of time on the go totally consumed by the daily business of our lives. But how often during the day do we really spend time in the present moment?
How often do we take time for ourselves and pause?
How often do we allow ourselves to just be?

This one-day workshop offers you an opportunity to pause, recharge and to bring mindful attention to your life. And to switch from ‘doing’ into ‘being’. The workshop will teach simple practices that anyone can do – so beginners are welcome.

We will explore various kinds of mindfulness practices, including basic yoga, mindful walking, sitting or lying meditation, mindful eating, simple movements, and stretches.

Give yourself the “gift” of this one day of mindfulness


When: To be confirmed

Contact us if you are interested. 

Time: 9:30 – 3:30 pm

Investment: $
(includes teas and workshop notes).

To be confirmed

Presenter: Jamila Knopp

Through Mindfulness We Explore

  • To be more in the present moment
  • To slow down when we feel that our body is rushing
  • To bring attention to, and be with, a bodily experience
  • To recognize the habits of our mind and body
  • To feel more balanced and calm

When we pause and allow ourselves to simply be, we can connect again with our body & mind and our true self can shine through. We can be here in our lives more fully.

I had a very basic awareness of what mindfulness means before attending Jamila's course on Mindfulness. I was quite surprised to learn how our bodies respond to stress and that I had the power within me to alter my automatic reactions during those times. For example, I have learnt to observe thoughts rather than mull them over and over. I find that I am calmer and less phased by things. I get more done, and I sleep better at night! Jamila is a great mindfulness teacher. Thank you, Jamila!

Deepening Mindfulness

Level 2 Mindfulness Course

Dive deeper into mindfulness to deepen, or re-establish, a regular practice. Improve your self-esteem and connect with yourself on a deeper level.

If you have done a four-week (or longer) mindfulness course of any kind, this Deepening Mindfulness course may be just what you need.

This course will help you to expand your understanding and practice of mindfulness while increasing your awareness.

This is an opportunity to refresh your skills and learn further inspiring ways to navigate through the complexities of life while enjoying your life more fully.

Course Details

We have no further mindfulness group courses scheduled.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a one-on-one session or courses. 

What Participants Say

Thank you, Jamila, I thoroughly enjoyed your mindfulness course and I got so much value out of it. I genuinely looked forward to the mindfulness sessions and the peace, relaxation, and learnings that I knew would come from it. The resources were fantastic - the workbook was great and the weekly audio files that you sent us gave us the opportunity to try several types of mindfulness without feeling overwhelmed. You have a kind, gentle approach and a strong focus on not judging ourselves - which I really valued. Thank you for a great course.
Christie - Nelson

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