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Kieron Goodwin

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Since the late 1980’s, I have been fascinated with understanding and exploring the mindsets, attitudes, behaviours, and mental skills that underpin personal, professional, and organisational success. 

Through the direct application of these understandings, I built a highly successful corporate career holding a diverse range of executive positions, including: Company Manager, Royal NZ Ballet, Deputy Director and Executive Director of the NZ International Festival of the Arts, Head of Corporate Marketing for the Bank of New Zealand, Business Development Manager for the Starship Foundation and Executive Director of the Kiwi Recovery Trust.

I also established my own leadership, management and marketing consultancy, Cobalt Communication. During this time I worked under contract for organisations as diverse as MTV Europe, Sporting Frontiers International, IMG International, Tourism Auckland, NZ Tennis, NZ Rowing, South Island Academy of Sport, and Tasman Rugby Union.

In 2006 Jamila and I launched Turning Point Clinic & Coaching.

I firmly believe that joy, well-being, abundance, and the freedom to create the life we most want to live, is our ultimate birthright.


Change is one of the few constants in the universe - so why not leverage it!

Change is Opportunity

Change is an ongoing reality for all of us.  It is the constant sea on which we travel. Sometimes the seas are fair and we have a following wind. Sometimes it is a churning cauldron of white water and spray.

It is important to develop a weather eye. To be able to anticipate what is approaching over the horizon and navigate accordingly.  To adapt quickly and turn change to one’s advantage.  

If we wish to open to new possibilities and potentials, all that is required is to let go of our fear of change, and instead, learn how to embrace and leverage it.

Change presents us with the opportunity to learn, adapt, and grow. We just need to be up for it.


What My Clients Say

Within a month of working with Kieron, I have experienced great achievements, both personally and in a business sense, spoken confidently (and even with enjoyment!) at three public meetings and also watched my fledgling business leap forward in new bookings by 55%. On a personal level, I feel calm, centered and above all loved again. Kieron is a wonderful coach and mentor and I recommend him very highly.
Viv Smith

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