Kieron Goodwin - Life Coach and Energy Therapist

Kieron Goodwin - Turning Point Clinic & Coaching Nelson & Richmond

(Dip Teaching, Cert Therapeutic Massage, Reiki II)

  • Leadership Consultant
  • Personal & Business Success Coach & Mentor
  • Energy Therapist


Kieron has been involved in the study of health, healing and human potentiality for over 20 years.  During this time he has gained in-depth, hands-on experience across a diverse set of healing and personal development modalities including: Therapeutic Massage, Osteo-Energetic Bodywork,  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Reiki, Vibrational Healing, Coaching and Mentoring, and the facilitation of personal development workshops.

Concurrent with this work, Kieron also established a highly successful corporate career and has held a diverse range of executive positions, including: Deputy Director and Executive Director of the NZ International Festival of the Arts, Head of Corporate Marketing for the Bank of New Zealand, Business Development Manager for the Starship Foundation and Executive Director of the Kiwi Recovery Trust.

He also established his own Leadership, Management and Marketing consultancy, Cobalt Communication, and has worked under contract for organisations as diverse as Sporting Frontiers International, IMG International, Tourism Auckland, NZ Tennis, NZ Rowing, South Island Academy of Sport, and Tasman Rugby Union.

Creating Turning Point Clinic and Coaching

In August 2006 Kieron and wife Jamila, a fully qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner, decided to combine their complementary skills and create ‘Turning Point Clinic and Coaching’. Turning Point is dedicated to supporting individuals take their lives from surviving to thrive through adopting a holistic approach to health, healing, personal development, and success.

Over the years Kieron has come to understand that all meaningful, long-term, empowering change – whether it relates to an improvement in health, general well-being, or realising one’s dreams, goals, and ambitions – must be energetically financed. A person has to be able to bring enough of their personal power into present time in a consistent and sustained way to bring about the changes they wish to create in their life. It is this understanding that Kieron brings to his own unique blend of coaching and healing work.

Energy Therapies

By utilising energetic tools such as EFT,  the laws of Attraction and Resonance,  Transformational Touch Technique, and Reiki,– and combining these with a range of personal development techniques – Kieron has helped a great number of individuals significantly improve the quality of their life, health and emotional well-being.   See Kieron’s testimonials.

The precise combination of these different elements is always customised to the individual client and is dependent upon the nature and type of change the person is wishing to experience. Sessions can focus on a specific issue such as a fear, phobia, anxiety or any kind of emotional block – or they can be structured to take individuals through an end-to-end personal development and emotional healing programme. This can include ongoing mentoring and support if required.

Kieron’s Vision

Kieron believes that wellbeing, joy, abundance and the freedom to create the life we most want to live, is the birthright of every person on the planet.

His personal mission statement is: “The joyful empowerment of myself and others through the teaching and utilisation of leading-edge business, personal development and energy therapy techniques.”