Pregnancy Massage in Richmond, Nelson

Pregnancy is a time of great excitement, and an especially important time to be looking after yourself

Pregnancy massage helps support good health during pregnancy

Pregnant woman

Nuture You and Your Baby

Receiving massage treatments throughout your pregnancy is a beautiful way to nurture yourself and your baby.

As well as exercise and a nutritious diet, regular massage helps keep you in good health. It eases tension, reduces stress, and helps prevent back pain and aches.  It also gives you the time and space to deeply relax.

Pregnancy massage can be used from 16 weeks until birthing.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Enhances the health of you and your baby

Massage treatments have been proven to benefit all of your body’s systems including muscular, circulatory, digestive, and hormonal. 

Improved circulation brings more oxygen and nutrients to the cells in your body and also that of your baby – nourishing the both of you.

Eases pregnancy discomforts

Massage can soothe back pain, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, sciatica, cramps, sore hips and aching legs.  It will also help relieve some of the many other discomforts often associated with pregnancy.

Reduces swelling

Eases fluid retention in the legs, feet and hands. Reduction in swelling, fluid retention and waste products can also help to improve your energy levels, making you feel less fatigued.

Increases relaxation and decreases stress levels

Pregnancy is a time of great change for your body. Fluctuating hormones and broken sleep can sometimes cause stress levels to rise. 

Regular massage gives you the space to deeply relax and rejuvenate. Giving you more time to enjoy your pregnancy and transition into motherhood.

Improves sleep

With an enhanced ability to deeply relax you may also notice that your sleep improves.

Prepares you for labour and birth

Massage can help you to develop mind/body awareness. This means that you become aware of where you are holding tension within your body and are able to consciously release it. An essential skill in the birthing room.

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