Professional Development Coaching​

Refine your strategy, get on track, and achieve your business goals

The key to success it to begin with the end in mind, then first things first, and one thing at a time

Foot Prints on the journey to discovery

Navigating the Waves of Change

Never have businesses been exposed to such rapidly changing circumstances as they are now. 

A business’s ability to strategically adapt, innovate, and respond with clarity of purpose is critical. In many cases it will be the difference between a business’s ongoing viability, or its demise.

This is where my extensive leadership and business  expertise across a wide range of industry sectors can make a tangible difference. 

I partner with my clients to support them in navigating the churning white waters of challenge and change.  I help you chart a course and then stay on course to achieve desired goals, objective and outcomes.

If you fail to plan, then plan to fail

A Vision Without a Plan Remains a Wish List

I specialise in…

  • Strategic thinking and organisational planning
  • Development of business, operational and marketing plans
  • Organisational culture and change management
  • Leadership and communication training
  • Time and stress management strategies
  • Building cooperative, synergistic team cultures
  • Organisational trouble shooting
  • Employee coaching, mentoring, and professional development

What My Clients Say

Success Coaching with Kieron Goodwin at Turning Point Nelson

Professional Development Coaching

My professional development coaching and mentoring focuses on…

  • Quickly identifying key organisational and/or individual issues, challenges, and vulnerabilities
  • Addressing these immediately within a well formulated framework of strategies, plans, processes, objectives, and goals
  • Ensuring that the necessary skills and platforms are in place to achieve desired outcomes and ongoing organisational viability and growth
  • Providing individual business owners, executives and employees with ongoing guidance, support and accountability

Are you ready to make a change?

Do you need help to access the self belief, enthusiasm, and passion you need to consistently make empowered choices so that you can be, do, or have the things in life and business you most desire?