Ayurveda is one of the oldest traditional systems of natural therapies in the world.

Ayurveda is a holistic natural system of medicine that originated about 5000 years ago in India. It is not only a system of medicine in the conventional sense of curing disease – it is also a way of life that teaches us how to promote longevity and ensure a feeling of well-being and vitality.

Balancing Body, Mind and Spirit,

“Ayur” means life and “Veda” means knowledge or science. This ‘Science of Life’ is the knowledge of complete balance of the Body, Mind and Spirit, including the emotions and psychology, on all levels.

Ayurveda treats man as a whole – which is a combination of body, mind and soul. According to Ayurvedic tradition health is the balance of the 5 elements ether, air, fire, water and earth – and illness is the result of an excess or deficiency of any of these particular elements. Ayurveda treats illness at its source, rather than at the level of symptoms.

It is a complete knowledge of life that teaches us how to live in tune with nature.

The Ayurvedic approach empowers people to reclaim true health and find renewed enthusiasm for creating harmony in their bodies, minds and spirits.

Ayurveda is a complete knowledge of life that teaches us how to live in tune with nature.


Shirodhara is a traditional treatment where a fine stream of warm oil runs on your forehead for about 30 minutes. It gives a feeling of deep relaxation and helps to calm and clear the mind.

This is a great treatment for people who work under stress and need deep relaxation. It starts with a neck and head massage to relax the body and prepare it for the treatment. The whole treatment takes 1 hour and it finishes with a short massage of your feet.

Shirodhara is an excellent treatment for:

  • Releasing stress 
  • Deeply relaxing the nervous system 
  • Feeling more balanced 
  • Feeling calmer
  • Treating insomnia
  • Treating headaches, migraines
  • Improving focus & mental clarity

It is best to have a series of Shirodhara treatments to get the most benefit from this amazing treatment.

What People Say

Our Unique Ayurvedic Constitution

According to Ayurveda each individual is a unique combination of physical, mental & emotional characteristics which are known as his/her constitution (Prakruti). There are three primary energies, which are also called Doshas. The three Doshas are named Vata, Pitta & Kapha. The three Doshas govern the whole body. Find out if your three Ayurvedic Doshas are in balance.

All of us are made out of these three Doshas but each individual has its own unique constitution that is usually governed by one or two of the Doshas predominantly. This makes each one of us a unique individual and Ayurveda uses a systematic approach that empowers us to greater understanding of our own unique Nature.

How do the three Doshas (energies) originate out of the five Elements?

Ayurvedic Treatment - Our constitution

Many factors, both internal as well as external can affect ours constitution eg. one’s emotional state, diet, daily food choices, season and weather, physical trauma, job and family relationships. Once we understand that these factors can cause an imbalance in our constitution we have a choice to take appropriate action to balance their effects to eliminate the cause.

Life challenges us in many different ways. Although there is much over which we have little control, we do have the power to determine our diet and lifestyle. To maintain balance and health it is important to give attention to these decisions. Diet, lifestyle and herbs appropriate to one’s individual constitution strengthen the body, mind and consciousness.

Find out if your three Ayurvedic Doshas are in balance

We know that everybody can have challenges in life that cause us to be out of balance.
If that happens one of our Doshas (Vata, Pitta or Kapha) will be out of balance.
To get back to a healthy constitution can be as simple as bringing that Dosha back into balance.

Vata (Air/Ether or Space)

Do you need to balance Vata?

  1. Is your skin dry and rough?
  2. Are you underweight or have lost weight?
  3. Is your mind constantly in a whirl?
  4. Do you worry often?
  5. Are you often fearful or anxious?
  6. Are you constantly restless or agitated?
  7. Do you always keep on moving?
  8. Do you experience constipation?
  9. Do you suffer from insomnia?
  10. Do you have spells of forgetfulness?
  11. Are your joints uncomfortable?
  12. Are you easily fatigued?
If you answered yes to most of these questions, you need to balance Vata. Here are some tips on how to balance Vata.

Pitta (Fire/Water)

Do you need to balance Pitta?

  1. Do you tend to be demanding or critical?
  2. Are you often frustrated, angry or intense?
  3. Is your skin ruddy and prone to rashes and eruptions?
  4. Are you often irritable or impatient?
  5. Is your hair prematurely grey or thinning?
  6. Do you wake up in the early hours (around 2- 3 am) and you find it difficult to fall asleep again.
  7. Do you feel discomfort in hot weather?
    Are you a perfectionist?
  8. Do you experience hot flushes?
  9. Do you have excess stomach acid and are prone to heartburn?
  10. Do you experience loose bowel movements?
If you answered yes to most of these questions, you need to balance Pitta. Here are some tips on how to balance Pitta

Kapha (Earth/Water)

Do you need to balance Kapha?

  1. Do you tend to be overweight?
  2. Are you often over-settled and lethargic?
  3. Do you experience sinus problems?
  4. Do you sleep long hours yet wake up unrefreshed?
  5. Are your skin and hair oily?
  6. Do you find that you are possessive and over-attached?
  7. Do you feel discomfort in cold damp weather?
  8. Do you feel lazy, complacent?
  9. Do you experience bloating and/or water retention?
  10. Do you feel stiff and heavy, especially in the morning?
  11. Do you experience congestion?
  12. Do you have a tendency towards feeling down and depressive?
If you answered yes to most of these questions, you need to balance Kapha. Here are some tips on how to balance Kapha

Ayurvedic Consultations

For prevention or treatment of common ailments

Natural Healthcare for prevention or treatment of common ailments. Chronic or acute.

Ayurvedic consultations treat illness at its source, rather that at the level of symptoms, and supports an individual to take responsibility for their own health and well-being. It gives nutritional advice and life style recommendations together with herbs and herbal supplements.

Ailments can be treated effectively, only if properly diagnosed. Ayurvedic diagnosis involves reading your pulse and gathering information on your ailments from your input into a structured questionnaire.

I would like to help you. 

Please contact me if you would like some help with an acute or chronic ailment, finding your Ayurvedic constitution and getting back into balance. 

Initial Consultation is 1.5 hours
This is in depth analysis of your health history and current health concerns/problems. We will determine your body type (prakruti) and your current state (vikruti). Everything will be explained in terms that are easily understood and a guideline will be introduced on how to implement Ayurveda into your everyday life. I will recommend lifestyle adjustments, dietary plan and, if appropriate, herbs.

Follow up consultation: 30-45 minutes
During this visit we will review the changes that you experienced since your last consultation and make appropriate adjustments or changes.

Are you ready to make a change?

Do you need help to access the self belief, enthusiasm and passion you need to consistently make empowered choices so that you can be, do or have the things in life and business you most desire?