Change Must Be Energetically Financed

The world renowned medical intuitive and authority on the human energy field, Caroline Myss, (if you haven’t read her book ‘Anatomy of the Spirit’ I would strongly recommend it!!) says that “Change must be energetically financed.”

Just like building or buying a house requires money, bringing about any kind of change in our lives has to be financed out of our energy system.  If you want to bring about or manifest something new, you need to be able to hold sufficient energy in the eternal ‘now’ to finance it.  That is why some many of us start off strong and then  literally run out of steam long before we ever manage to see something through to fruition.

Think of all the new year resolutions have been made for all the right reasons and with all the best intentions in the world, only to be left discarded and abandoned within a matter of weeks – or sometimes even days.

The reason most of us can’t hold sufficient energy in our systems over a sufficient time to consistently bring about lasting, meaningful, empowering changes in our life, is because, to put it crudely, most of us (energetically speaking) are leaking like sieves!!

So much of our energy is going into sustaining negative thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, emotions and judgement that we end up financing all the things we don’t want at the expense of all the things we do want.  This negative stuff is literally sucking our life force from us like some kind of energetic vampire.

If this becomes pronounced over time, we actually go into energetic overdraft, where we even struggle to find enough energy to get through our basic day-to-day lives.  Severe energetic overdraft can manifest in the physical as stress-related illnesses, anxiety and panic attacks, depression – plus a host of other serious chonic illnesses and self-sabotaging, even addictive, behavious.

So what can we do about it??  Carolyn Myss says we must ‘call our Spirit back’ from all the places that no longer serve it. From all the negative beliefs and events that we continue to finance because we don’t even know or understand that is what we are doing.

And how do we recall our Spirit back from a place of lack, want, limititation and victimhood?? There is only one way really, and that is by deciding we no longer wish to tell ourselves that old, tired, dismepowering story anymore.  That, quite literally, we no longer wish to waste our energy on it.

Instead we choose to invest our energy in the new empowering story about all the things we wish to Be, Do and Have in our lives. We remove our focus from the things that caused us to ask for something better, and place it resolutely on that which we are asking for.  That way we start to finance the things we really want and not the absence of them!!

Jack Canfield (The Success Principles) talks about five key steps to manifesting anything:

1.  Believe that it is possible
2.  Believe it is possible for you
3.  Believe you are worthy of it
4.  Give your self permission to have it
5. Take whatever ‘inspired’ action is necessary to achieve it

And I’d add a 6th… Watch with excitement and gratitude to see how the Universe finds the perfect way (and time) to deliver it into your reality.

Energetically financing these changes and manifestations will not be a problem when you divest yourself of all your unproductive investments.  Write down and continue to tell yourself your ‘new story’.  You’ll be amazed by the results!!!

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