How to Change a Habit!

The truth is that we all have some habits that no longer serve us, and deep down we usually know it. We recognize that if we were able to let go of some old vices and start introducing new habits, it would benefit us in many ways.

How good are you at changing your habits? For example, making changes to your eating patterns, beginning a regular exercise routine or going to bed earlier? Is it a challenge for you or do you find it easy?

I find it takes motivation, self-discipline, determination and time. If you stick to a new habit for 30 days, you will be well on your way to creating a lasting change and developing a new, healthy habit.

What if you were able to see the pattern in your habits, and you could start making increasingly empowered choices that help you move towards a healthier you? What if this could help you to live your life to its fullest potential?

This blog post is not intended to make you judge or criticize yourself, but rather to make you aware that you have a choice. A choice to change!

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” – Anthony Robbins

Tips on how to change a habit:

I would like to share some tips on how to change a habit, by Leo Babauta.
His tips make sense and are easily applicable. Here is a short summary:

1. Only change one habit at a time.
2. Commit a plan to paper. Create a written plan. This is an important part of your success.
3. Be fully committed.
4. Ask for support.
5. Think about your motivation.
6. Realize your obstacles, and plan for overcoming them.
7. Log your progress.
8. Be accountable.
9. Know and be aware of your triggers.
10. Do your research.
11. Stay focused.
12. Be consistent.
13. Don’t quit after one failure. Don’t let that be an excuse.

For more information please have a look at his blog post here.
Follow these steps, and you will successfully change one habit at a time.

Which habits would you like to work on? Take it one step at a time and I know that you will get there.

I would like to hear from you. Please share your thoughts on what you would like to change below and leave a reply.

Be well, stay well,



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