How to switch off the stress response – Journey to well-being – day 2, week 1

How are you doing? I know that the first tip to eat more vegetables seems very simple and that it doesn’t solve your problems or it might seem insignificant.

But this was only the food we are going to introduce first and will focus on in week 1. And vegetables are important as they give us all the nutrients that our body needs for better health and energy. Please remember that we will start with simple doable steps and will keep it easy because I don’t like to overwhelm or stress you. And this is a ‘journey’ after all and not a fix it all in one day with a magic pill kind of trick. I hope you understand. Please be patient :).

Read on to find out more and to find a link to a video that will tell you more about stress and what you can do starting today to switch off the stress response so that your body can start healing and feel better.

WHAT IS YOUR WHY? Did you have a think about this and write down your WHY? Please do this if you haven’t yet because this is important and will keep you going and improving in the weeks to come. We will find it easier to stick with this journey and to really put in the ‘work’ if we know our ‘WHY’.

Hear more about stress and how to switch off the stress response in today’s video. Here is a link to today’s video. Sorry to format is smaller and different today. I tried something new. But the info is there 🙂

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Best wishes,
Be well,

P.S. Click here to see the video if you haven’t seen it yet.