It’s All Perfect

One of the most powerful concepts I am able to share with my clients is: “Who and what we are is perfect as we are”.

From the earliest times we are taught that we must become someone or something else in order to be worthy of love.  If we do this particular thing we are good, and will hopefully be rewarded, and if we do that particular thing we are bad and will probably be punished. 

Thanks to our evolutionary wiring (as we are of the lineage of the ultimate survivors of the survivors of our species) any doubt that we are approved of and/or loved unconditionally by our parents (or society in general) becomes a profound survival issue.  For it is not that long ago in our human history that any lack of bonding with a parent (or authority figure) could mean that, in times of hardship, we might be left in a snow drift, or abandoned in the forest to fend for ourselves.

The terror experienced by many at the thought of being unloved, or different, or not good enough goes directly back to this root and is why it can take on seemingly life and death proportions for us.

This can then quickly morph into – ‘It is my responsibility to make others happy, and my value, validity, and even survival as a human being is dependent upon that’.

But what if who and what we are is perfect?

What if our current reality is a perfect mirror of the choices we have made, or not made?

What if the gift or utility in it all is to be able to see the patterning that no longer serves us, so that we can make increasingly empowered and joyful choices moving forward?

What if life was all about our increasing access to our true potential – and that every step on our journey had been perfect – even the stuff we are not proud of, or have been taught to make wrong about ourselves?

What if we just stopped judging ourselves and taking on board the judgements of others, and instead started to truly accept ourselves as we are from a place of heart-centred compassion and unconditional love?

The bottom line is – it is what it is.  It is how our reality has unfolded, and as Byron Katie says, “There is no point arguing with reality, because you are going to lose –  but only 100% of the time.”

Over many years, and through all I have studied and experienced, I have come to know the truth of the statement below:

‘There is nothing to become or fix.  We are already perfect, and we are Infinite.  Infinite potential, power, creativity, joy, well-being, abundance, freedom, growth, grace, unconditional love and bliss. There is only that we which we are not, and have never been, that would be useful for us to let go of.  And that is anything that has ever caused us to conceive of ourselves as lacking, wanting, limited, vulnerable, or unworthy in any way’.

To stand in the light of our infinite nature, our ‘True Authentic Self’, is to find freedom and liberation from the bondage of perceiving ourselves as less than, inadequate, or broken.

We do this by making what some call the longest journey of all – the eighteen inch journey from the head to the heart

Only when we are heart-centred does all judgement cease.  Only in the field of the heart do we access our true self, our true nature as an aspect of the Infinite, of Source, of Divine Mind.

This is the Heroes Journey upon which countless legends, heroic figures and archetypes are based. It is the pilgrimage, the journey home, the crucifixion, redemption and resurrection – and it all begins with being able to unconditionally love, accept, and forgive ourselves for being so perfectly imperfect.

Forgiveness, appreciation and gratitude drops us straight into this wondrous heart field and opens the door for the Grace we already are to flow through us, our lives, and into the lives of others.  In this heart-space problems don’t so much resolve as they do dissolve in the light of the Truth of who we are.

It is that simple – and that profound.

So please know you can let yourself off the hook – you are innocent, you are perfect, and you are blessed.  The slate, which was only ever kept in your mind, is now and forever wiped clean – and you are free again to give yourself permission to live the magnificent life you were born to live.

The only question now is, are you ready to drop into the heart, let go, move on and make wonder-filled choices for yourself – or do you need to spend a bit more time in the mental swamp of separation, limitation, and self doubt?




The choice is yours, and whatever you choose it is perfect. The Universe judges nothing.

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