The Law of Compensation – Napolean Hill Interviews Andrew Carnegie

(With thanks to Bob Proctor and Lanny Morton for generously providing access to this material!!)

Napoleon Hill (author of Think and Grow Rich) is in Andrew Carnegie’s home. At the time of the interview Napoleon Hill is still a young reporter for a magazine – and Andrew Carnegie is the wealthiest man in the world. andrew-carnegie-300x300

Napoleon Hill:
Mr Carnegie, most of the people I know, those who work for wages, or a salary, claim they are already doing more work than for which they are being paid. If this is true, why aren’t they doing a better job of influencing the wheel of fortune on their behalf to a greater extent? Why aren’t they rich as you are?

Andrew Carnegie: The answer to your question is simple enough, but it has many angles, which I need to explain before you will completely understand it. In the first place if you will accurately analyse those who work for wages, you will learn that 98 out of a 100 have no definite plan or purpose greater than working for a daily wage.
Therefore, no matter how hard they work or how much they do, or how well they do it, the wheel of fortune will turn on past them without providing them more than a bare living – because they neither expect nor demand more. Ponder over this truth for a moment and you will be better prepared to follow the logic of what I will present in the remainder of this lesson.

The major difference between those who accept the limitation of daily wages sufficient only for a bare living and me is this. I demand riches in definite terms. I have a definite plan for acquiring riches. I am engaged in carrying out my plan – and I am giving an equivalent in useful service to the value of those riches I demand – while others have no such definite plan or purpose.

Life is paying me off on my own terms. It’s doing precisely the same for the person who asks no more than their daily wages. You see, the wheel of fortune follows the mental blueprint the person has set-up in their own mind and brings back to them in physical or financial measure an exact equivalent of that blueprint. Unless you grasp the full meaning of this statement of truth, you will miss the important portion of this lesson.

There is a ‘Law of Compensation’ through the operation of which a person may establish their own relationship with life, including the material possessions they accumulate. There is no escape from the acceptance of the reality of this law, for it is not a man-made law

Napoleon Hill: I can understand your viewpoint Mr Carnegie. Stating the matter in another way, may we not say that every person is where they are because of the use they make of their own mind.

Andrew Carnegie: You have stated the idea correctly. The major difficulty of most people who go through life poverty stricken is that they neither recognise the power of their own mind, nor make any attempt to take possession of their mind. That which a person can accomplish with their hands seldom brings more than a mere living. That which a person can accomplish through the use of their own mind will give them whatever they ask of life!

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