Thoughts Are Things

I’ve just finished Napolean Hill’s inspirational classic ‘Think and Grow Rich’. It was first given to me about year ago in ebook format – but somehow I just didn’t get around to reading it. Not sure why, maybe I just wasn’t ready yet for the information it contained. When I started to read it on screen I came to the profound insight that books were meant to be read on paper (apologies to all Kindle and Ipad users) because all that reading from a screen for a prolonged period of time gave me was a massive headache. So I went out and bought it in paperback from Possibilities Bookshop here in Nelson – the best little ‘Now Age’ bookshop in town!! So headache free, I started again from the beginning and this time I literally couldn’t put it down. In the process I came to more fully appreciate something I kind of already knew – there is nothing new about Quantum Thinking – it has been going on for milleniums.
But only in the last 80 to 100 years or so has it truly emerged from the domain of the privileged few to the public domain thanks to the evolution of the mass media, the airwaves, and now the world wide web. Perhaps Napolean Hill’s (1883 -1970) best known quote is – “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve.” But he also contended that thoughts just don’t just become things – they ARE things – and powerful things at that. They have a mass, presence and energy of their own. They are the first step of the formless comming into form – the unmanifest becoming manifest, the imagined and envisioned becoming tangible concrete reality. Everything that has ever been done or created started as nothing more than a thought. He also knew with a certainty that came from studying virtually every successful man of his era (including Carnegie, Bell, Edison, Eastman, Gillette & Ford) that when a clearly defined desire is held as a certainty in the mind of the individual, the Universe must delivery into that person’s reality whatever is asked of it. In other words – what you believe (with certainty, committment, and passion) you must inevitably receive!! Joan McKenna a research scientist, metaphysician, artist and healer puts it this way: “If something can be imagined in a Quantum Universe, by definition, it is real. This is why the language of physics dealing with Quantum phenomena is similar to mysticism, magic and metaphysics. Thoughts are things. When you change your thinking, you change the reality you experience. Or perhaps you enter another reality. Or perhaps you have altered the reality you are in. Using Quantum Thinking, you can connect to the answer to any question. You can even connect to multiple right answers and pick what appeals to you. This does not violate the laws of the Universe. Rather, it moves us from a flat earth perspective to a multidimensional universe where the shortest distance between two points may be non-linear. It may be based on how we think rather than what we think.” I know my journey with Napolean Hill, his books – and quantum thinking (and thinkers) in general has only just begun. If you feel drawn to do so, I hope you will join me.

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