Understanding Stress

Let’s try to understand stress a little better because it will help us to tackle it and to improve our well-being immensely.

You have probably heard that back in the cave days a tiger triggered a fight and flight stress response. Although the Tigers are long gone, the physical threat to our lives has been replaced with the modern-day stress of long work hours, technology, financial worries, relationship issues, family problems, and trying to juggle far too many things at once.

Stress often gets talked about, and most people think they know what it is and what it is like to be stressed. For instance, we might not link an upset stomach, asthma attack, fast shallow breathing, high blood pressure, difficulty sleeping, trouble relaxing, a constantly busy mind, recurrent colds and flu, and many other chronic health conditions, to the effects of stress.

Whereas small amounts of stress can be beneficial in motivating us or helping us to get a task done – chronic or long-term stress is a whole different story. It is therefore important that we start recognizing when we are stressed, and what stresses us so that we can start making changes.

Learn more about stress in this video and it includes some stress relief tips. We will talk about these more in detail in the weeks to come.

Very best wishes to you,

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