Why are Retreats so Good for Us!

If you are not sure whether going on a treat would be good for you, this blog post is for you.  People go on retreats for all different kind of reasons but, in my experience, the number one reason for women to go on a retreat, no matter their age, is to have some time out from their children, family, the daily work and duties and to relax and recharge.kimi-ora-1-225x300

But retreats are not just for women, retreats are for anyone. You don’t need to be a wise old man or to be able to stand on your head to go on a retreat. Retreats are for ordinary people at any time in their lives.

There are basically two types of retreats available. One is mainly to have some time out and another one is for spiritual reasons and growth. I’d like to focus on the time out retreats, which is what my Kimi Ora resort weekend retreats in Kaiteriteri are mostly about. Click here for more info on the upcoming dates of the next Kimi Ora retreats.

Why is it a good idea to go on a retreat?

It’s hard when at home or in our usual environment to give ourselves permission to take a proper time-out. On a retreat, it is much easier to give ourselves time-out without feeling guilty if the dishes don’t get done or the washing hung out. On a retreat, we do things to nourish and recharge ourselves like yoga, relaxation, meditation, walking, swimming, eating well and healthily and sitting in a spa pool or sauna. Some people even go mountain biking in their time out between classes. On my retreats I always see people arrive looking tired and exhausted and leaving fresh, renewed and energised.

What to expect on a retreat?

  • Yoga classes that you can do at your level (even beginner’s level)kimi-ora-13-225x300
  • Having time out to do whatever you like in-between classes
  • Yummy food
  • Maybe having a massage
  • Connecting with new people
  • Making new friends
  • Having the support of the teacher
  • Learning and trying new things in a safe, supportive environment e.g. mindfulness
  • Gaining insights
  • No distractions

If this sounds appealing to you give a retreat a go, you’ll find it is much more than just a holiday. Don’t let the funny stories you have heard stop you because your experience will be different.

It’s best to approach a retreat with an open mind, although don’t be put off by tales of straw mats and crystals, which are usually untrue. A guided retreat is safe and well worth exploring. Give yourself time to rejuvenate in a peaceful and beautiful place. Everyone occasionally needs some inner rejuvenation.

Here is what people say about my Kimi Ora Resort Retreats:

“Thank you for an amazing yoga weekend. I was a bit apprehensive about attending, as I had only been back to my yoga practice for a few months. I arrived with few expectations and was delighted with your approach to yoga and felt really comfortable. The mindfulness meditation and sessions were an unexpected treat. This was the highlight of the weekend for me. I found the shared meals a really important part of the weekend to just “be” and chat to others.” M.B. – Nelson

“I have always been interested in attending a yoga retreat and Jamila’s retreat at Kimi Ora was a great place to start.  Kimi Ora is a beautiful setting, perfect for unwinding and relaxing.  Jamila is an amazing host and really brings the group together, her yoga teaching style is gentle but challenging and she has a great way of making mindfulness accessible to all.  The guest talk was also really inspiring and was a nice touch that fit in well with the overall weekend.” F.W. – Richmond

“Jamila’s Yoga retreat was awesome. I was a little bit nervous about the yoga classes as a newbie to Yoga but I’m glad that I came along. I can highly recommend it to people new to yoga. I loved it! “ H. – Richmond

Be well and relax.


P.S. Here is a link to find out more about the next Kimi Ora resort retreats.