Personal Growth Is A Choice!

My work as a coach and therapist is based on the understanding that this is a belief driven Universe where thoughts become things, where clarity is power – and the point of power is in the present. That the quality of choice we make at any given moment determines

Change Must Be Energetically Financed

The world renowned medical intuitive and authority on the human energy field, Caroline Myss, (if you haven’t read her book ‘Anatomy of the Spirit’ I would strongly recommend it!!) says that “Change must be energetically financed.” Just like building or buying a house requires money, bringing about any kind

Thoughts Are Things

I’ve just finished Napolean Hill’s inspirational classic ‘Think and Grow Rich’. It was first given to me about year ago in ebook format – but somehow I just didn’t get around to reading it. Not sure why, maybe I just wasn’t ready yet for the information it contained. When

Quantum Thinking

If this really is ‘a belief driven Universe where thoughts become things’ then it is vital to have an understanding of how this dynamic works and how it can be applied in a simple but meaningful way to make a positive difference in our day-to-day lives. They say everything