Why apple cider vinegar is good for you!

Do you have Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) in your kitchen cupboard? Did you know that it is a miracle cure? You might wonder which apple cider vinegar is best – the unfiltered variety that contains the ‘mother’ strands of proteins, enzymes and friendly bacteria that give the product a
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Week 3 diet focus – Journey to well-being

How did you do in week two with drinking only ‘real’ drinks and leaving the sugar out of drinks? This might have been new to you or maybe that was something you were already doing. Well done! This week, in week three diet focus, is on eating only locally raised
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Ideas for your diet – Day 5, week 1

In week one we are focusing on eating more vegetables. Here are some more ideas on how to eat more veggies… Skewers – Make small skewers of raw vegetables. For example use cherry tomatoes, real mozzarella, and basil – and then dip them into (or drizzle with) olive oil and
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Understanding stress – Day 3, week 1

Let’s try to understand stress a little better because it will help us to tackle it and to improve our well-being immensely. Although the Tigers are long gone, the physical threat to our lives has been replaced with the modern-day stress of long work hours, financial worries, relationship issues,