Why apple cider vinegar is good for you!

Do you have Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) in your kitchen cupboard? Did you know that it is a miracle cure? You might wonder which apple cider vinegar is best – the unfiltered variety that contains the ‘mother’ strands of proteins, enzymes and friendly bacteria that give the product a
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A healthy digestion

A healthy digestion and metabolism is key to good health. If these don’t function properly, our health is going to suffer, and that is not just the body, as research shows us also the mind. Most people’s digestion nowadays is not working at its best. One reason is that
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Understanding stress – Day 3, week 1

Let’s try to understand stress a little better because it will help us to tackle it and to improve our well-being immensely. Although the Tigers are long gone, the physical threat to our lives has been replaced with the modern-day stress of long work hours, financial worries, relationship issues,

How to switch off the stress response

In today’s world, we can quickly get stressed and overwhelmed. We all have endless to-do lists. But just because we have so much on our plate doesn’t mean that it needs to stress us negatively and that it should turn into chronic stress. Read on if you would like

A Weekend Retreat Experience at Kimi Ora Eco Resort

In the last three years I have taught ten yoga & mindfulness weekend retreats – nine retreats at the Kimi Ora Eco Resort and one at the Wangapeka Retreat Centre. These retreats are becoming increasingly popular and I have many people returning to them regularly. Please read below what
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