Great stress buster – Routine!

Do you know that a regular daily morning and evening routine is very beneficial and a huge stress buster? I know it sounds too simple but it truly is. Read on if you would like to de-stress, feel more balanced, and improve your sleep?  In Ayurveda we know that a daily routine balances Vata dosha […]

Feeling guilty when eating?

(This post was originally released on Easter) I hope you are having a wonderful Easter and also enjoyed eating some easter eggs (chocolate ones included). Often we feel guilty when eating chocolate and not just when eating chocolate. I have something I would like to share with you about these guilty feelings. Please read on […]

Instantly de-stress with this short mindfulness practice

Today I would like to share with you another tool to de-stress and recharge. It is a short mindfulness relaxation exercise. It only takes 2-3 minutes. Have a look at the mindfulness video here. In the beginning, it can be helpful to use guided relaxation practices or meditations. Here is a free download of a previous recording of a […]

Understanding Stress

Let’s try to understand stress a little better because it will help us to tackle it and to improve our well-being immensely. You have probably heard that back in the cave days a tiger triggered a fight and flight stress response. Although the Tigers are long gone, the physical threat to our lives has been […]

Do you self-sabotage? & What to do about it!

Many of us tend to self-sabotage and often, this is a pattern we have and repeat again and again. I know that I have been there, and I can identify with # 1, #3 and #4 below. Nobody is perfect, and neither am I. But I keep on moving forward and I hope you will […]

How to boost your positivity and confidence!

Are you enjoying every moment of your day, whether it’s at work, at home, with loved ones or on your own – or do you feel that you could be enjoying each day a little more? If so, it turns out you’re not alone. Please read on for six tips on how to be more […]

Healthy Apple Christmas Cake – Gluten free

This gluten-free cake will get you in the festive spirit, with sweet apples, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. It can be a refined sugar-free recipe if you don’t sprinkle the Demerara sugar on top. I hope you will enjoy it as much as we do. Ingredients 225 g butter, room temperature, cut into cubes, plus extra for […]