Top Tips to Shorten a Common Cold!

You know the signs. If you feel a tickle in your throat, have a thick head and your body aches, chances are you’re coming down with something. An adult gets on average three colds per year, each lasting around nine days. But you don’t have to surrender. Here’s how to

Probiotics & Fermented Foods – Are Lifesavers!

Probiotics are live bacteria that are vital for our bowels to function properly. Pro means“for” and biotic means “living”, and as their name tells us, probiotics are all about nurturing life. These good bacteria occur naturally in our guts. But we have to replenish them all the time in

4 Tips for Winter Wellness

Do you find that maintaining good health over the winter season can be challenging? You are not alone – winter can be a trying time for many people, both mentally and physically. The days are shorter, darker and colder and our bodies are more susceptible to all kinds of

Why Iodine is Important!

Are you getting enough iodine in your diet? Iodine is a vitally important nutrient that is detected in every organ and tissue and many if not most are deficient in this nutrient. Along with being essential for healthy thyroid function and efficient metabolism, there is increasing evidence that low iodine

How to get Relief from Sinus Problems

The sinuses are these tiny cavities in our head. Most of us never think about our sinuses until they give us grief and get blocked. Then we might experience problems such as hayfever or blocked sinuses that give us painful headaches. Every spring and summer pollen can irritate them

Triphala – an ancient herbal combination

Triphala is the most amazing Ayurvedic herbal combination there is. It means literally translated “three fruits”. It is one of the most used and famous herbal compounds in Ayurvedic medicine. The three fruits contained in Triphala are Haritaki, Amalaki and Bibhitaki. Together combined these three fruits make up an

Why Agni is the Key to Health!

Agni is our digestive fire (metabolism) which is responsible for processing and absorbing the foods we eat. It is similar in its function to Pitta. Pitta contains heat-energy, which helps digestion. This heat-energy is Agni. Pitta and Agni are essentially the same with this subtle difference: Pitta is the

Boosting Your Immunity Naturally

There is a theory of immunity in Ayurveda called the beej-bhumi theory, which means “seed and land.” In this theory the body is compared to being the land and infection or “bugs” are like seeds. When the body is filled with toxins (ama) and lacking in natural immunity (ojas),
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