It’s Not Your Job to Please Others

From the time we are little children we are taught that it is our job to please others – beginning with our parents. And it is a very hard habit to break – particularly as we are taught that we are being ‘good’ and therefore ‘worthy of love’ if

Improve Your Mood!

Feeling low at times is a fact of life, but there are simple, natural things you can change in your diet and lifestyle  to help you get back on track so you can make the most of every day. Low moods generally hit us when we least expect them;

It’s All Perfect

One of the most powerful concepts I am able to share with my clients is: “Who and what we are is perfect as we are”. From the earliest times we are taught that we must become someone or something else in order to be worthy of love.  If we

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

With gratitude to Dr Stephen R Covey for his inspirational book – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People   Dr Stephen R Covey (1932 – 2012) has been (and continues to be) a major influence in the field of leadership and interpersonal/ organisational dynamics.  His book ‘The 7